Thursday, 17 January 2008

Dawn Of the Dead review

This sequence is very well made.
The cuts are quick and snappy-grabbing your attention, with the images being some what disturbing.
It shows you brief snippets and previews of what is coming up in the film.
Some of the images are obvious and apparent, showing exactly what is going on, whilst others show the destruction that the zombies have left (such as the office chairs) and the panic they have coursed.

The sounds include both digetic and nondigetic, the screaming and voice over of the news presenter has a great impact, as do all the questions that are being asked, as they subconsciously plant these questions in your own head. The soundtrack does not seem to fit with the theme, it is jumpy and beaty with a rhythm, unlike what the trailer perseveres. It is a friggin good song mind!!!

The texts used looks effective. the blood drips horizontally as opposed to vertically which is unexpected and different.
Overall i few this trailer is really good, and it is plausible that we could produce something using some of these effects.

britt x


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