Thursday, 13 March 2008

Relevant reference

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The Bourne Films

Technical Changes

We changed the flash backs into being black and white so that the audience knew it was in the past.
We changed the speed of several of our shots-
The foot chase-125% faster to make their feet look faster.
The fall down the stairs 150%, as it looked undramatic slow.
Last scene-character one walking away-75% and then slows to 50% to add drama.

BRITT xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Finally finished

we are now finally finished with feedback, the feedback we have recieved was quite good, the comments we recieved were:
Nice build up of music, nice shot angles, some confusion in story due to the way it was portrayed, repetative running, liked runing shots, continuity of shots, can tell diffirence bewteen black and white shots and coloured shots, creative arty shots, titles need to be more significant.

posted by george

Final Piece

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Chronological order sequence?


The music on our rough cut is a song by the prodigy. it has already been produced by a band and if we were to use it it would be copyrighting. Also in the project spec it says we have to create our own sounds, because of this we are going to have to change our music by either cutting some of it out or adding our own sounds.


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Comments on Rough Cut


Music is copyright
Black and white is better than colour/all the time
Black and white is most striking
Action Thriller/ Gangster Triller
Black and White = stand out effective
He cheated the conman
One man in suit one in casual, is that meant to be?
Striking features, good camera shots like Harry's trainers
Mood is very fast paced - action thriller
Revenge will be the rest of the plot or bigger scam
subgenre - action/thriller
Shots are a bit too long e.g had to wait for another pair of feet to come in
Music suited, could be better not to have Prodigy

From the comments, we now know that the black and white scenes are effective. We also may have to change the music. The characters are very distinct. people seem to understand the genral plot of the sequence.

By Harry and George


In todays lesson we watched and reviewed each others footage.
We received mainly possitive feedback but also some negative points we need to work on.
The negative points where-
That some of the shots are too long-of the feet, audiance gets impatient having to wait for next shot.
That our song is copyrighted-therefore people have heard it before and it also might remind them of past conotations-destracting them from the footage.
Costumes- some people commented that Harrys clothing was too casual for the shoot, we knew this but had planned for him to be in casual more informal clothing so to make Phil (character two, in the suit) appear more authorititive.

In our opinion we knew most of these points. However the fact that our feet shots are too long was a suprise to hear as we thought we had cut them down to quick enough.
We were glad to head that it all made sence, we had some worries that people wouldnt understand that plot. That character one had conned character two.

It was beneficial to hear what other peoples opinions are of our project. We can work on what they felt was wrong with it and improve the mistakes.
Now we wil work on changing the music so that it is not a copywrited song.


Tuesday, 26 February 2008



Thursday, 21 February 2008

Titles we need for our film- we should change the names.

jay time cinema presents

a jon boy film

keith ledger

phil smith

and ruby dench

costume design by gianni versace

art direction by leonardo monet

production design fogal ramstien

casting by

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The very Latest stuff. Breaking news.

Today we started our quest for our music by researching thriller titles on youtube and getting an idea for the potential genre of the music that was used popularly. This way we could analyse which genre would work best for our titles. To start making our music; we had a look into the drum beats and rythymns available to us and agreed that it needed an urban theme to it. We then explored other areas like synth, this was particularly popular in the thriller titles we watched.

Take care peep's x

Latest stuff

We edited our clips further by speeding up some of the chase scenes. we thought this would keep up the pace in some of the slower clips. We also slowed down the last 5 seconds by cutting it ino pieces and making each slower than the last until it ends.

We also have added the basics of our titles. We went onto youtube and search for random opening titles, to copy down the different credits we need, this way we shouldn't miss anything out. We decided to put the titles on a black background rather than on the footage, this way it will not distract attention, and the black and white titles will make good contrast with the fast paced footage.

We still need to make simple changes to the titles add transitions and music. Tune in next week to find out our progress, goodbye kids.


Thursday, 7 February 2008

'mood' location images + ideas

Before we went out to film we had a look at some images to get some inspration for locations. We looked specifically at areas that look slightly derelict or rarely used.


Chase scene

I searched chase scenes on youtube for inspiration, I found this video from Point Break. When we filmed ours, we tried to capture some fast-paced action.


So far...

so far our filming has been put in to final cut and we are currently editing it. Our flashbacks will be coloured in black and white. we have also ordered our title sequence with the sound from filming. whats left is the music, titles and prodction and logo's.



We have filmed our thriller titles sucessfully. We all met at the top of the grafton park at 10 o'clock and managed to film all of our shots by 11:50. We experimented with different shots and angles throughout our filming. We also decided to add variation to our locations by filming the final frames at an old lock-up which had walls graffiti sprayed. We didn't come across any distractions/problems so we were able to film everything we wanted to.

Floyd. x

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Yesterday we spent the day filming our project.
I think that it went really well, we filmed all the shots we had planned and a few extra ones for editing purposes, in case next time we look at the clips we notice something was wrong, we will still have the back up.
Some problems we had were, the weather- it was very bright, so the first shot of the doors was hard to film as the sun was leaking through the windows and blinding the camera. This was also hard when shooting the sceens on the top of the car park.
Whilst filming we found a place with graphitie and garages, this we felt, would fit really well with our theme, soe we shot the last scene there.


Sunday, 3 February 2008

Title ideas


Here i have made some ideas for what the title could look like.
during some discussion we said we could use some real graphite saying 'The Drop' or we could just make it on the computer.
George also had the idea to use an image of the words scratched into a piece of wood or a wall.

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YAY! lol

Thursday, 31 January 2008


2 Briefcase
1 hench man (sexyphil)


Shot1: Filming some double doors, the pace is slow and the music is not so tense. Then the doors suddenly burst open, the pace increases. and the first man suddenly kicks his way through. The music suddenly kicks in and the pace increases dramatically.

Shot2: The men brush past the camera and the camera follows them, the chase beginings, the camera watches them as they chase down the stairs.

Shot3: We will then do several more shots of just their feet or the back of their head. we havent planned these out yet, but we will need atleast five or six different shots of this.

Shot4: They reach the bottom of the stairs and the first man panicks and runs into the car park. Being followed by the hench man.

Shot5: Shot from the front of the first man being chased. He is in focus and you can see his face and you can see the hench man in the background but he is not in focus.

Shot6: A close up of character ones panicked face.

Shot7: The man manages to get away, and there is a shot of character two looking around the car park aimlessly.

Shot 8: a shot from character 2s eyes, as though he is looking for charatcer 1.

Flashback1: the two charcters walk towards each other.

Flashback2:Dialogue between the two characters.

Flashback3: The drop of the case. The two men meet and character one leaves the briefcase on the carpark and charcter two goes to collect it.

Flashback4: Character 2 kneels down and opens the briefcase. Opens it away from the camera. And stands up. Camera pans over mans shoulder and shows the briefcase is empty. Character 2 stands up and says 'Hey Mother Fucker' and character 2 starts to run.

Flashback5: Character 1 is seen swapping a briefcase full of money with an empty briefcase- showing that he is in possestion of the briefcase full of money.

Britt <3 :Px

music ideas

bourne music which has a decent build up and a crashing finish, alternative rock.

Feedback from viewing of animatic

We viewed each others animatics and commented on all of them.

The feedback we got from watching our animatic was:

*Query about titles in the sense of how were we going to introduce the characters
*Good, detailed animatic
*people also enjoyed the music we used however we werent sure whether this would be used for our thriller

qoutes from other people

'good shots'
'very good'

We were given some feedback from our teacher. He suggested that we should experiment with differnet shots to find something slightly different for each aspect of our titles. for example, different angles for camera shots and shot length.

Take care peep's, Floyd. x

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


This is a great example for the speed and pace we are going to need in our thriller.



Here we have drawn a rough estimate of what shots we think we will be using.
They are not exactly precise but it will give us an idea when it comes to filming where we will have to film from and what we will have to film.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

cool idea??

just an idea reminder- first person shot of character 1 running could be adding breathing in editing.
Also i think it would be cool if you never see any of the characters face only their voices and the such. Also during the flash back scenes we could still run the chase background sounds through it to make it look like while character 1 is being chased he is running the memory of the drop through his head which could make him the star as such.


Tuesday, 22 January 2008

First Ideas.(so far.)

Tuesday January 22nd 2008.

Today we started planning our own thriller.
We went through several stages of what it could be about before finally deciding that we would theme the sequence on a chase.

We knew we wanted two men in this sequence, as we felt this would be most effective. We chose that the theme would be a drug deal, this is because a lot of thriller films are based on something gangsta and the theme has to be obvious right from the begining.

We went through several different ideas from being in a woods, to the centre of town before finally deciding it should be in a car park, probably the graphton one.

We thought about wether we should use drugs, or just another type of dealing. Before deciding on using a suit case/brief case. We will get one man to carry a suit case some where and to leave it there, he will then calmly walk away before the walk slowly turning into a run. The hench man will pick up the suit case and discover that it is empty. It could be filled with news paper/ivory/rubish, he will throw it in the air, and it becomes obvious to th viewer that he is very angry. He then chases him down the stairs.

The stairs, we think, will be the ones on the top floor of the graphton centre, as this is often abandoned and very few people go all the way to the top floor when it is not very busy. These stairs will be used for the chase scene. It will look effective because it is dirty looking. The deal will take place on the top floor of the graphton, with the open place, lots of long shots and it will slowly get more tense as the man realises there is not actually any drugs/money in the suit case. (one problem may be that we wont be allowed to use this car park as it is owned by the graphton.)

The characters will be one hench man (this is the one who is receiving the brief case) and the man who drops of the suit case will look weaker. Not as high up in the dealing profesion. The hench man will be wearing a suit, and has to look profesional and threatening. (this is where another problem may accure. We have to find two men to play these rolls. they have to be older than us. and they have to be able to act and one should really be pretty hench!)

We will film the chase from different angles. Some from the bottom of the stairs with the feet running towards them. and others from above with a long shot of maybe there hands on the rail.

The diegetic sounds are footsteps and shouts.

britt :)x

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Past Students Video- Negative

I think this video is reaaallly good. It looks so professional and some of the techniques used look really effective.

The text looks ghostly and abstract, which i like because it is different but doesn't look cheap.

The music fits in really well with the cuts and the action. Its theme is distant and the music fits in very well with this.

I found the idea of the dark room fitted in very well with the title and idea of the intro, it was a very simple thing to film but the idea was original and creative, which i also liked.

The acting was convincing. The whole thing fitted together really well.

Brittt xxxxx

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Dawn Of the Dead review

This sequence is very well made.
The cuts are quick and snappy-grabbing your attention, with the images being some what disturbing.
It shows you brief snippets and previews of what is coming up in the film.
Some of the images are obvious and apparent, showing exactly what is going on, whilst others show the destruction that the zombies have left (such as the office chairs) and the panic they have coursed.

The sounds include both digetic and nondigetic, the screaming and voice over of the news presenter has a great impact, as do all the questions that are being asked, as they subconsciously plant these questions in your own head. The soundtrack does not seem to fit with the theme, it is jumpy and beaty with a rhythm, unlike what the trailer perseveres. It is a friggin good song mind!!!

The texts used looks effective. the blood drips horizontally as opposed to vertically which is unexpected and different.
Overall i few this trailer is really good, and it is plausible that we could produce something using some of these effects.

britt x

Catch Me If You Can.

Although this sequence is animated and would prove very difficult to develop ourselves i have decided to talk about it as i feel it is very clever and creative, we could maybe develop some of their ideas in our own titles.

The names of each person comes out of the stripes that are moving horizontally and vertically across the screen. this looks really different and exciting. It is as though there is only one constant line, which could represent the main characters life, moving forward, never staying in one place.

This title sequence very cleverly shows all the different characters that the man pretends to be throughout the film. He walks into and out of the lines each time changing his image and appearance.

Britt x

Past student video

Interesting use of camera techniques e.g. view through security camera.
The cuts between characters are effective, because there is contrast between them, one is a well-dressed man, the other seems to be breaking into a bulding. It starts off slow, and then the pace picks up - the music speeds up as well. They use camera effects when one of the characters is running.


This is the title sequence for the film Se7en.
The text is white, and looks as thogh it has rushes of electricty sent through every so offen. When this is done the textjumps out towards the screen.

The sequences leaves your head full of questions. But once the film is watched it makes so much more sence.

There are lots of close up shots and fast cutting. Combined with abstract angles and a large variation of quality. For example at times there is a large depth of field to the shot, giving a very crisp image with clean clear lines whilsts other times the film is made to look old fashioned with a scratchy messy effect.

This sequence has mainly black and white and red colouring, which adds to the thriller like aspect.


Floyd's movie

Here is a video I created using final cut. I learnt how to various things like add a title, fade in/out etc...


Britt and Harrys final cut practice.

We practiced making moving titles and cutting together clips.
We also made a sound track in garage band.
From doing this we learnt and improved out skills with Final cut ready to use for our project

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dexter intro

Super cool, intelligent opener. Excellent idea for thriller.
Lots of references to blood and brutality e.g. slicing meat.
This opener makes making breakfast brutal.
by george + harry

George title thingy

Music created by garage band and shots used by preset clips.
Learnt about garage band and a bit about final cut.

Monday, 7 January 2008