Tuesday, 22 January 2008

First Ideas.(so far.)

Tuesday January 22nd 2008.

Today we started planning our own thriller.
We went through several stages of what it could be about before finally deciding that we would theme the sequence on a chase.

We knew we wanted two men in this sequence, as we felt this would be most effective. We chose that the theme would be a drug deal, this is because a lot of thriller films are based on something gangsta and the theme has to be obvious right from the begining.

We went through several different ideas from being in a woods, to the centre of town before finally deciding it should be in a car park, probably the graphton one.

We thought about wether we should use drugs, or just another type of dealing. Before deciding on using a suit case/brief case. We will get one man to carry a suit case some where and to leave it there, he will then calmly walk away before the walk slowly turning into a run. The hench man will pick up the suit case and discover that it is empty. It could be filled with news paper/ivory/rubish, he will throw it in the air, and it becomes obvious to th viewer that he is very angry. He then chases him down the stairs.

The stairs, we think, will be the ones on the top floor of the graphton centre, as this is often abandoned and very few people go all the way to the top floor when it is not very busy. These stairs will be used for the chase scene. It will look effective because it is dirty looking. The deal will take place on the top floor of the graphton, with the open place, lots of long shots and it will slowly get more tense as the man realises there is not actually any drugs/money in the suit case. (one problem may be that we wont be allowed to use this car park as it is owned by the graphton.)

The characters will be one hench man (this is the one who is receiving the brief case) and the man who drops of the suit case will look weaker. Not as high up in the dealing profesion. The hench man will be wearing a suit, and has to look profesional and threatening. (this is where another problem may accure. We have to find two men to play these rolls. they have to be older than us. and they have to be able to act and one should really be pretty hench!)

We will film the chase from different angles. Some from the bottom of the stairs with the feet running towards them. and others from above with a long shot of maybe there hands on the rail.

The diegetic sounds are footsteps and shouts.

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