Thursday, 31 January 2008


Shot1: Filming some double doors, the pace is slow and the music is not so tense. Then the doors suddenly burst open, the pace increases. and the first man suddenly kicks his way through. The music suddenly kicks in and the pace increases dramatically.

Shot2: The men brush past the camera and the camera follows them, the chase beginings, the camera watches them as they chase down the stairs.

Shot3: We will then do several more shots of just their feet or the back of their head. we havent planned these out yet, but we will need atleast five or six different shots of this.

Shot4: They reach the bottom of the stairs and the first man panicks and runs into the car park. Being followed by the hench man.

Shot5: Shot from the front of the first man being chased. He is in focus and you can see his face and you can see the hench man in the background but he is not in focus.

Shot6: A close up of character ones panicked face.

Shot7: The man manages to get away, and there is a shot of character two looking around the car park aimlessly.

Shot 8: a shot from character 2s eyes, as though he is looking for charatcer 1.

Flashback1: the two charcters walk towards each other.

Flashback2:Dialogue between the two characters.

Flashback3: The drop of the case. The two men meet and character one leaves the briefcase on the carpark and charcter two goes to collect it.

Flashback4: Character 2 kneels down and opens the briefcase. Opens it away from the camera. And stands up. Camera pans over mans shoulder and shows the briefcase is empty. Character 2 stands up and says 'Hey Mother Fucker' and character 2 starts to run.

Flashback5: Character 1 is seen swapping a briefcase full of money with an empty briefcase- showing that he is in possestion of the briefcase full of money.

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